A Gentle Man

Many of the men’s voices around us are harsh and angry. Even many of the men of God speak that way. Gentle men, (men who are gentle), are few and far between.

But God the Father wins us over with His kindness and gentleness. Yes, there sre times He is firm with us, but He never raises His voice at us to get His point across. He wins us over for sure….

…with His still, small voice; and that He would ask us to be still and know that I am God, the fact that He spoke the universe into being, and breathed life, that He gave us the Holy Spirit to teach, comfort, and convict, and His word for instruction, reproof, and doctrine, and that part of the fruit of His Spirit residing in us is love, kindness, and, gentleness.

In the Christian journey many have to learn how to let go of what we thought a father to be so we can learn who Father is. He is not absent, not harsh, not loud, blistering, or humiliating. Jesus paints a beautiful picture of how prodigal our Father’s love is toward us, waiting for a wayward son to come home, and rejoicing when he does.

Are there times when God is publicly harsh and blistering with some of His own children? If the answer is yes, then I feel we have been deceived; that He lured us in with promises and declarations that He is different from so many of the men we have known; and we would have to believe that he pulled a bait and switch on us. If the answer is yes, it means that we should walk in fear that He can/will one day out us for the imperfect human beings that we are. We cannot rest safely in between His shoulders, because as long as we continue to be imperfect, we run the risk of Him yelling at us. That sounds all too familiar to me, and to be honest, it is not what we signed up for.

Remember those Central bank of Belize ads that want us to learn what real currency feels like so we can know the instant our fingers touch a fake one? We have to look at His character, and the tapestry He has woven with each of us individually, all imperfect people, through the good and bad of our lives. That is the real that we have come to know. That is the real that instantly points out what is fake.

When you are faced with situations where you are forced to question why you believe what you believe, why you have given your life over to Jesus, and why you keep making choices that go against your human nature but that go along with what He desires for you to do, look back at your spiritual altars and memory stones. Look back at who God has been for you. Look at His character. You will find the answers there. And there, in those memory stones, you will know like I do, that He did not pull a bait and switch on you.

©Debbie Mendoza, June 2018.


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